"Amazing nature photo fools the eye."

-Yahoo News

"Ashley Adams has taken a look at nature and given it a painterly feel while maintaining the fine detail of her photographs. To be able to see the subtle color shifts in a natural organic piece may seem obvious, but she has chosen the very best approach, giving the viewer a sweet melange of color and shape in each image."

-Damon Webster, Photo Induced Magazine

"With her vivid and abstract images, Academy of Art University Photography graduate Ashley Adams has been awarded a First Place prize in the Scenes of the Natural World category of PDN magazine’s The Great Outdoors contest. The contest celebrates the majesty of nature as an inspiration for creating photographs that move the viewer. Nature’s Musings,” which encapsulates the stunning textures of nature. In addition to her winning image, “Ruth Glacier,” Ashley had another image from this portfolio chosen to be showcased in the winners’ gallery in PDN, “Kelp.” In the image, a wet piece of kelp reflects the hues of the sky, clouds and land around it, giving it an unusual range of color and light."

-Academy of Art University Daily News

"Best described as modern and organic, Ashley Adam’s photographs grab you instantly and keep you speculating until curiosity gets the better of you. I took refuge in the titles to discern her journey through a seemingly concealed world. Floating through the images of magnified surprises from nature, I thoroughly enjoyed the guessing game that inevitably followed. "

-Sarupa Sidaarth, Art Acts, Online Magazine

"Finding the unexpected in our natural environment, Ashley explores the beauty of life through photography. "

- Socorra, Blackball Universe Gallery

"Clearly, [Ashley Adams] has a keen eye for notable patterns and shades of color among natural landscapes."

-The Rayograph

“Ashley possesses a truly distinctive talent and a completely unique vision. She sees things in nature that others would simply pass by without noticing – it’s a capacity I have never really seen before. Not only is Ashley an accomplished and gifted photographer, but she handles the business and transactional side flawlessly, which I’ve found is a rare attribute. Working with Ashley was a pleasure because she listens to her clients, appreciates their needs, and takes the time to gather the necessary information to understand a collector’s psyche. Knowing what I was looking for, she came to my home with a selection of pieces to see what would work in my space. We went on to assemble a dramatic triptych of pieces that I love and feel has transformed my home. I hope to be lucky enough to add to my collection over time.”

- J. Thorn, Collector